A close up of the camera lens with an orange and blue reflection.

CCTV/ Video Surveillance
Body Camera Solutions

Helping Companies Keep Critical Data Safe

A close up of the camera lens with an orange and blue reflection.

CCTV / Video Surveillance & Body Camera Solutions

Helping Companies Keep Critical Data Safe

Who We Are...

DD Consulting and Management (DDCM) is a strategic Solution firm. The firm’s primary focus is providing CCTV / Video Surveillance and Body Camera solutions and services. The use of CCTV / Video Surveillance and Body Camera is expanding globally. As law enforcement agencies, schools, businesses, and city governments grapple with additional workloads, they realize the impact video has on their IT infrastructures. It is critical that they procure validated solutions that address the underlying system requirements. DD Consulting & Management’s (DDCM) approach to addressing CCTV / Video Surveillance and Body Camera system requirements provides an open and flexible architecture that allow for several storage strategies. Our solutions also provide video management, video backup and long-term archiving. We leverage our partners along with our experience to keep us on the cutting edge of the latest technology available for continued growth as a company and remain a trusted advisor to our clients.

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We Can Help

The diversity of our solutions and the ability to scale sets us apart from our competition. We know one solution doesn’t work for all. Our experience with video surveillance management software, access control, intelligent storage, digital evidence management software, and analytic software enable us to deliver the best solutions and address the business and technology needs of our customers. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders allow us to deliver the most current and cost-effective solutions available.

Tested and Proven

  • Unbreakable Security

    Reveal was the first manufacturer to introduce AES encryption in a body camera, so security has been at the heart of our products for a long time.

  • Front-Facing Screen

    This signature Reveal feature has a proven calming effect on people being recorded and maximizes transparency with the public. When appropriate, the screen canals can be used to view video back in the field or turned off completely.

  • Articulated Camera Head

    Another characteristic Reveal feature is the camera head which can be rotated to allow additional mounting options such as on helmets or caps. It also means the camera can be worn by people of all shapes and sizes and be used in vehicles; as an interview recorder or as a hand-held camera.

  • One-Touch Record

    Having a single, quick, and simple action to turn the camera on has always been an essential feature in our body cameras. Our intuitive sliding switch is a positive action that confirms activation by the physical position change on the camera and is easy to operate for officers on the go.

A police officer is taking a picture on his camera.
  • Model Variations

    To give our customers a choice of features and budgets, we have designed two cameras, the D5 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and the D3 without.

  • Works Well in Low Light

    The D-Series has been designed to optimize low light performance using cutting-edge technology.

  • GPS Accessibility

    When paired with a smartphone during recording, this device includes GPS information in the video metadata.

  • Bluetooth Triggers

    The D5 camera can be activated remotely using a beacon, so the user does not need to manually turn the device on. It can be set to record automatically.

  • Improved Battery Life

    We have used the very latest camera technology and power management techniques, working closely with the chipset manufacturers to optimize the battery life.

  • 12-Hour Battery – Footage recorded at 720p, with the screen on

  • 15-Hour Battery – Footage recorded at 480p, with the screen off

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