An Established Company
Offering Video Surveillance Technologies


DD Consulting & Management’s (DDCM) approach to addressing video surveillance system requirements provides an open and flexible architecture that allows for several server and storage strategies. Our solutions also provide video management, video backup and long-term archiving. We leverage our partners along with our experience to keep us on the cutting edge of the latest technology available for continued growth as a company and remain a trusted advisor to our customers.



The diversity of our solutions and the ability to scale sets us apart from our competition. We know one solution doesn’t work for all. Organizations now have the opportunity to address long-term archival requirements, while providing effective capture, analysis, and storage of this information. Our experience with video enables us to deliver the best solutions and address the business and technology needs of our customers. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders allow us to deliver the most current and cost-effective solutions available.

Our validation process helps

  • Reduce your deployment risks
  • Increase system reliability, thereby reducing overall support costs
  • Gain a proven, repeatable architecture
  • Get benchmarking results using a true production workload that produces a zero-data loss system

Creating A Safer Environment Increase your awareness

  • Wide camera portfolio for high resolution video
  • Use vandal-proof camera models to ensure system operation
  • Get discreet designs that blend in with the environment
  • Share experiences by using our broadcasting cameras for event broadcasting and e-learning
  • Use analytics to detect unwanted behavior such as loitering and perimeter breaches



DDCM offers an efficient, accurate way to perform elevated skin temperature screenings at ports of entry, checkpoints, building entrances, and other high-traffic areas.